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Often people deal with family law issues while they’re feeling angry, bewildered, confused, or uninformed. The breakup of a long-term relationship and dealing with the issues of children, support, and division of property can be traumatic. At the very least, these are difficult issues to deal with. An effective family law professional helps clients going through this experience understand and express their primary goals and objectives and assists them to recognize which of those are realistically achievable. The experienced professional then sets out options to help the client achieve those realistic expectations. For a client to understand which of his or her expectations are realistic and achievable, they need to understand as well as possible the circumstances affecting them and the resolution of their particular matter.
To help clients get some preliminary understanding of the situation they're in Case Management Services site attempts to provide information on a wide range of topics. But the information set out is not legal advice and no one should rely upon anything they find here as a substitute for consulting with an experienced family law professional.

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Please also remember that the state of the law discussed on this website is from a San Diego, California perspective and will vary somewhat, depending on what's being discussed, in the other states and territories in the United States.

As well, the state of family law often changes swiftly and your situation may be dealt with differently than as set out on this website because of changes of law or of fresh judicial interpretations.

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